The 100 Most Dangerous Things list is a list compiled and updated by Unsociable Planet, and features the 100 things around the world that have killed the most Fungologists in the previous year.

History Edit

The list was first introduced in 2008, as a part of Unsociable Planet's large "Daredevil" marketing push. Since its introduction Michael Mouse, Robert the Rat, Jean the Genocidal Genet, Annie the Assassin, Mrs. Pereditory and the Kebab have never left the list.

Reputation Edit

Because of the extensive lengths Unsociable Planet goes to to ensure the list is 100% accurate, it is widely quoted in scientific papers and considered the premier resource on the subject.

2016 Top 20 Edit

When the 100 Most Dangerous Things List for 2016 was published, these were the top 20 items on the list:

  1. Fungologian stupidity
  2. The Troon
  3. Michael Mouse
  4. Jean The Genocidal Genet
  5. Kebabs
  6. Trousers
  7. Mrs. Pereditory
  8. The Wibbly Wobbly Choo-Choo Bus
  9. Robert The Rat
  10. Justin Bieber music
  11. Mrs. Pereditory's Home For Criminally Insane Children training camp
  12. Aquatic Troon
  13. Shoelaces
  14. Falling pianos
  15. Annie The Assassin
  16. The current fifth member of the Gang Of Five
  17. The Amazing Patented Fail-Safe Fungology Cat Harvester™
  18. Southern Slishbanes
  19. Thinking too hard
  20. Attempting to find the deadliest things on the planet and make a list of them
  21. People unable to count to twenty