The Alexander Meinrad Donagh Maikel Bastian Radboud Samu Joeri Gusztáv Yorick Ó Dubhghaill Threat Scale, abbreviated to AMDMBRSJGYD Threat Scale, is a method of measuring various threats.

The scale functions on a rating of arbitrary units. The units are assigned a meaning by giving them a Basic Threat, or BT. The BT is equal to the danger of the assigned object. For example 18 using a cat as the BT means that what is being rated is judged to be roughly as dangerous as 18 cats. A second unit used in the scale is the NLT, or Next Level Threat. In the NLT, a secondary threat is chosen, which then becomes the higher end of the scale. The threat of the NLT is set to an arbitrary unit and that measurement is set as the top of the scale. The BT then becomes a specific division, the NLT Fraction, of the NLT based of of the BT's threat compared to the NLT's threat. For example 18/50 where the BT is a cat and the NLT is a gorilla and the NLT Fraction is 0.5 means that whatever is being rated is one eighteenth the threat of a gorilla, or the threat of thirty two cats, where 100 cats is one gorilla of threat.