These shrooms are endemic to Spain. They are excellent at football but also play Basketball, tennis, cycling, handball, futsal, motorcycling and Formula One. They sing and dance regularly especially Flamenco. They drink sherry and eat : pescaíto frito (fried fish), salmorejo, gazpacho. Iberian ham and sausages, such as jamón de Jabugo. Seafood, especially shrimp (camarones), prawns (gambas), squid (calamares), mackerel and flatfish. Olives and olive oil (special in Andalusia), jamón serrano (cured ham) in Teruel, migas, very typical in small villages. Nuestra Señora del Pilar sweets in Zaragoza. Ternasco con patatas a lo pobre, one of the most popular dishes in Aragon. Borrajas, vegetable typical of this zone and chiretas, very popular in Ribagorza and Somontano de Barbastro, fabada asturiana a rich stew made with large white beans (fabes), a typical island-based diet of seafood and simple vegetable-based dishes as well as sobrassada, samfaina (ratatouille) and coques (or cocas), ensaïmada a pastry, Mahón cheese (Denominación de Origen) and txangurro relleno (spider crab). They are closely related to Portugal Shrooms and Andorran Shrooms and distantly related to sherry shrooms, football shrooms and Soccershrooms. They are capable of speech and reason.

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