Anthem "This is not Antarctica!"
Capital Tiria
Largest city Tiria
Official languages Feluxian, Grubnoff Fungologian, English
Recognised regional languages Gibberish
Demonym Antartican
National language Feluxian
Government Antartican Regional Council
Legislature None


-Total 3,004 square metres
 % Water 3%


-Total 802


-Total ₩109
-Per capita
Currency Wubbance (₩)
Time zone
Date format

Antartica is a tiny island in the Antarctic Circle. It contains one town, and a large quantity of endemic wildlife.


Antartica claims to be a member of the Feluxian Assortment, though the assortment will have nothing to do with it & has disowned it several times. This dispute became serious in 2009, when the islanders attempted to commandeer a Feluxian mercantile ship & 'conquer' their own nation with it. The ship ended up careening into a headland & exploding, killing most of the island's populace.


Windswept and relatively flat, Antartica lacks any mountains and has just one hill. The rest of it is taken up with plains & coastline, and the settlement of Tiria.


Most of the island's surface is covered in tundra made up of grasses & megaherbs. Strange and exotic animals such as the Grassskipper Penguin and the Highback Rockhopper.
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