Conservation status
Least Concern-Critically Endangered
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Rhynchocephalia
Family Thnedodenturae
Genus Slisbus

Speckus Cerus

Species S. Carnus
General statistics
Mean Height 4m+
Mean Weight 102kg+
Mean Edibility 6/10
Mean Danger 8/10

Slishbanes are a family in the reptilian group Rhynchocephalia. They are unique in that they never stop growing, and do not die of old age. Most Slishbanes are aquatic.

Evolution Edit

Slishbanes are believed to have evolved during the Triassic, and particularly flourished throughout the Mesozoic. As Slishbane growth is dependent upon the availibility of their food, it is believed that Slishbanes survived the KT mass-extinction because, although larger adults died, smaller juveniles stayed small enough to feed themselves until food stocks replenished.



Slisbus is the largest genus of Slishbanes. It contains most averagely-sized Slishbanes that start life as land-based juveniles and end up in the ocean.


One of the smallest Slishbane genera, this freshwater genus comprises of only two species.

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