This shroom lives in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. They are good artists, architects, musicians and writers. They drink lager and eat sausages. They frequently invade neighbouring countries of shrooms and wear gothic armour. They were put into a suicide brigade by Adolf Hitler and thus their numbers plummeted from a thriving population of 10,000,000 to just 70,000 in 1945. Keen for more action, they all travelled to Japan to volunteer in the war effort there, but they happened to be in Hiroshima when America dropped a uranium bomb there. Their numbers fell further to just 7 individuals. Capable of speech and reason and determined not to go extinct, they ran their own highly successful breeding program. Their numbers had recovered to 50,000 by 2010. They are the largest and strongest European Patrioshrooms, and the heaviest, but not the tallest. They wield axes or swords. They are distantly related to Swisshrooms, Warshrooms, and Saushrooms.

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