Domovoi The Third is Fungology's only Trashologist. He lives in a mobile dumpster which he calls the Trashmobile, with only his cat umbrella (which he believes can talk) and a pair of sunglasses (that can only see in fifty shades of grey) for company.

He is the son of Domovoi The Second and Grandson of Domovoi The Fourth. He is the author of "It Wasn't Me, I Swear!" Which is his own personal autobiography. And also wrote the bestseller: "One Man's Dumpster Is Another Man's Castle" (A guide to recycling, up-cycling and unicycling)" He is the creator of Beetle Juice a special drink of his own devising, that only he knows the recipe for. He is also the co-creator of the ROYGBIV Theorem, along with Professor Tweed.

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