Thought by many to have died in a tragic haggis-related accident, Earnaby Bladder, a respected Fungologist, appeared a year later on a beach in Peru, dressed in a tuxedo, terribly drunk. He insisted he 'was only resting', and that he found the meaning of life, and had eaten it, accompanied with port and in excellent company whilst exchanging humorous anecdotes. He is the lunatic genius behind the The Amazing Patented Fail-Safe Fungology Cat Harvester™.

Shortly after his invention of the The Amazing Patented Fail-Safe Fungology Cat Harvester™ Earnaby started a (completely unrelated) highly profitable pâté business.

After the collapse of the business circa 2016, he dropped off the grid, vanishing entirely. Where could he be? In which dark, perilous jungles could he be sheltering? And for God's sake, can he stay there?