Electrical troon
Conservation status
Least Concern
Scientific classification
Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Shroomus
Class Fungodenturus
Order Troonei
Family Troons
Genus Troonus
Species T. navitem
General statistics
Mean Height 5cm
Mean Weight 150g
Mean Edibility 1/10
Mean Danger 9/10

The Electrical Troon (Troonus Navitem) is a medium sized troon with electric 'battery' organs capable of producing a 12 volt shock.


Unlike most other Troons, the Electrical Troon is a mild yellow in colour; With brown stripes running across the top of the dome, from the peak to the edges. The stalk is around 4cm in diameter and perfectly round, and the dome protrudes 2cm all the way around it. The eyes are about 5mm in diameter and dark black, while the teeth are about 1cm long and pointed severely at the end. The teeth fit together perfectly when the mouth is closed, forming a sort of scoop. While these teeth would readily break if used to bite off raw meat; they are perfectly suited to pertaining mouthfuls of the fried, charred remains of Electrical Troon prey. The Troon's lateral 'battery' organs are clearly identifiable, being bright orange in colour and prominently displayed on the Troon's sides. The 'battery organs' are separated from the Troon by a layer of brown, insulating, rubbery skin.

Hunting MethodsEdit

Large Animal HuntingEdit

Electrical Troons live in the Amazon Basin, where they prey predominantly on large mammals and reptiles. Electrical Troons hunt these typically by smarming over them and simultaneously using their lateral 'battery' organs. The combined power of hundreds of thousands of 12 volt shocks instantaneously turns any prey into a pile of charred mush. This is then scooped up and eaten by the Troons.

River PurgingEdit

This method is one of the most brutally effective, genocidal methods of hunting in the world. Normally, 5-10 Electrical Troons will jump into a river (typically the Amazon River) and use their lateral 'battery' organs. This combined shock kills everything within a kilometer or so of them. The bodies float to the surface, where they are devoured by the colony of Electrical Troons. Occasionally, the entire colony will take part in this by firing their 'battery' organs in the river; and kill every living thing in the entire river system. Every Electrical Troon colony in the Amazon will then sweep out over the water, purging it of everything (including other colonies of Electrical Troons) in a tremendous feeding frenzy.