The Fungobible (sometimes known as the Bibble) is Fungology's primary religious text.

Books Of The Fungobible Edit

The Fungobible is split into different sections, or books. After each set of books is an appendix, containing maps, lists and other helpful tools.

The Book Of Genocide (GEN) Edit

GEN is the first book of the Fungobible, and is six chapters long. GEN details the creation of Life, the Four and the world.

The Book Of Octopus (OCT) Edit

OCT is the sequel to GEN, and is seven chapters long. OCT details the Four's journey from the Garden Of Edith to Uruuvia, and all of their deeds along the way.

The Book Of Levitations (LEV) Edit

LEV is the next book of The Fungobible, and lacks a logical chapter-numbering-system. LEV details the Four's arrival at and near-immediate destruction of Uruuvia, as well as their subsequent "drugged up" wanderings and misadventures.

The Book Of Mathematics (MATHS) Edit

MATHS is the next book of the Fungobible after LEV, and it's chapter-numbers are all prime. It details the creation and war of mathematics.

The Book Of Fungology (FUNG) Edit

FUNG is the fifth & final book of the History section of the Fungobible, which comprises the first five books. FUNG is seven chapters long and details the creation of Shrooms, the Grubnoff Archipelago and Fungology. FUNG is followed by Appendix I, which concerns books 1-5.

The Book Of Issuer (ISU) Edit

ISU is the first of the books of Law, and contains the Laws Of The Four. ISU is seven chapters long.

The Book Of Grudges (GRU) Edit

GRU is the second book of Law, and contains the Laws Of The Heavenly Host.

The Book Of Tooth (TTH) Edit

TTH is the third and final book of Law, and contains the Laws Of Life. TTH is followed by Appendix II, concerning the books of Law.

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