Galumphing Galapagos Gorse Bush
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom ---
Phylum ---
Class ---
Order ---
Family ---
Genus ---
Species ---
General statistics
Mean Height ---
Mean Weight ---
Mean Edibility 0
Mean Danger ---
The Galumphing Galapagos Gorse Bush is a semi-sentient plant. It's appearance can be described as: "A gorse bush that constantly hops around and bumps into things." It is unknown what goes on in the brains of these creatures or, indeed, if they even have a brain. But they have developed a reputation as The World's Clumsiest Plant.

These creatures are selfie-vores, which means they only eat their own species. This has led to a drastic dwindling in population numbers leaving only one left alive. It now lives alone, in captivity, in a secret laboratory in the Netherlands. This particular Gorse Bush has developed a taste for wyverns.

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