Fungopedia is a wiki chronicling Fungology, which can roughly be defined as the scientific study of things that may or may not be mushrooms. Anyone can contribute to the madness at Fungopedia, but there are a few content guidelines to be aware of first. Also read Uncyclopedia's 'How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid'.

  • Be funny. Fungology is an example of absurdist humour. If you're familiar with Monty Python or the work of Douglas Adams, you're on the right track. Read a few articles before editing the wiki to get a feel for the type of content to add.
  • Don't break character. Everything in the Fungopedia, no matter how illogical, should be treated as scientific fact.
  • Ask people if you want to edit their work. It is is considered polite to notify people if you plan to substantially edit an article they have written. Also, be aware that there is something of a fungological 'canon': articles such as Michael Mouse or the Kebab shouldn't be edited without notifing someone, somewhere. If the original author reverts your edits, don't be disheartened; try making a new article.
  • Style is key. Fungopedia follows the same writing style as Wikipedia: academic, neutral, and—even if the subject matter is clearly absurd—rather dry. New Zealand English is preferred over American English (spell it colour, not color, etc.)
  • Here at Fungopedia, we pride ourselves on being generally unpleasant people. However, we're equal opportunity bastards. Discrimination, such as racism, sexism, or homophobia, will not be tolerated.
  • Swearing is fine, but try to use it sparingly. An unexpected, well-timed oath is much funnier if it comes completely out of the blue. See here and here for examples.
  • Random != funny. While it might be hard to distinguish, there's a difference between absurdity and randomness. Try and take normal things to their (il)logical conclusions, and play on established tropes and ideas for comic effect. What we want is more 'Monty Python' and less 'Holds up Spork'.
  • Dark != edgy. Dark humour is allowed, but be careful with it: it requires good execution to pull off. Dark humour should be funny but slightly unsettling if you stop to think about—it should not be needlessly edgy or offensive. If in doubt, ask yourself: is this legitimately funny? Or does it just rely on shock value?
For more help try here.