IPA [ɪsm]
Word Family
Noun Ism
Adjective Ismal; Ismish; Ismic
Singular Noun Ism
Plural Noun Isms
Synonym(s) Idiot; Fool; Moron; Twit
Antonym(s) Whizz; Maestro; Smartypants

Ism is a weak insult in fungologian language. It is synonymous with Idiot, Fool, Stupid and Dumb.

Pronunciation Edit

Ism is generally pronounced IHZ-ihm.

Word Family Edit

Interjection: Ism

Synonyms: Idiot, Fool, Moron, Twit, Halfwit, Stupid, Dumb, Thick and Brainless.

Antonyms: Whizz, Bright, Smart, Witty, Sharp, Intelligent, Clever, Knowledgeable and Wise.