This page is about Lackadaisy, the organisation. For other uses see: Lackdaisy (disambiguation).

Lackadaisy is an illegal speakeasy contained with a pocket universe, known as Cat-Earth Beta. It is placed in a city called St. Louis, during the time of Prohibition (1920-1933). It is owned by Mitsy May, it was first brought into business by her husband Atlas May(now deceased). After Atlas' death(in 1926) the business began to crumble, taking it's profits with it. Only a handful of the original staff and customers remained to keep it alive.

The organisation itself struggles more and more and, as of late, has had to compete with other speakeasies and moonshiners. Lately, as business is falling apart, a Mr Rocky Rickaby; band member and proud "vigilante", has taken it upon himself to vandalise the aforesaid competition. With the help of his nephew Calvin "Freckle" McMurray they embark on various misadventures, full of hilarity and lunacy (and possibly also psychopathy, but we'll talk about that later).

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