Droiyn makes use of a powerful energy known as ley. Ley is capable of many things. It is unknown how it accomplishes these tasks, though the most common theory is some form of communication with the karstone which then alters the universe.

Ley is generated in the body through currently unknown methods of generation and for unknown reasons. Ley is created in the well where it pools, forming a large sphere of energy in the stomach. It then flows out through the body in paths known as ley lines.

Ley function Edit

Ley dynamics Edit

Ley lines Edit

Main article: Ley line

Ley naturally flows through paths in the body known as ley lines. These ley lines form a net that spreads out through the body, becoming finer and finer as it gets further away from the well. These lines are more or less the same for most people, but minor variations from person to person means that mancers will have to adapt spellcasting techniques depending on their own 'configuration'.

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