The Othomas Series is an ongoing series of FPS video games produced by Georgement Orangeworthy & Co.. The games have been categorized as FPS, Drama, Romance, Splatter, Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Gore, Modern, Humour, Cult, and Small Children's games. They are Fungology's largest and most award-winning video games, with the most successful individual game being Othomas Rising. They each have a theme tune by Dead Meat. Othomas is never directly seen or described, so it is unknown what Othomas actually is.


The Othomas Series Videogames
Name Plot Profit Image
1. Othomas In Othomas, Othomas emerges onto the world stage as an incredible force. The player is charged with protecting Othomas, but also with keeping Othomas controlled. ₩42 billon Image
2. Othomas Rising Othomas Rising, the most popular & critically acclaimed Othomas, revolves around the rise of Othomas from a force to be reckoned with to a force of nature. The player must prevent Othomas from destroying the world, while at the same time making sure that Othomas is not destroyed. ₩80.4 billion
3. Othomas Freefall This installment centers around Othomas's fall down the Pit- a bottomless hole filled with evil of every kind. The main objective of the player is to halt Othomas's fall. ₩37 billion
4. Othomas Godfell Now that Othomas has fallen, Othomas begins to rise again in the strange new world at the bottom of the Pit. The game is different from its predecessors in that instead of having to save the world or nurture Othomas, the player's only clear objective is to survive. ₩35.4 billion
5. Othomas Burn Othomas & the player return to the world above, only to find it dominated by a new being. The player must help Othomas defeat the being and return the world to its natural order before the being's most sinister plans come to fruitition. ₩39.7 billion
Othomas Burn
6. Othomas Fallen After being lasted into the center of the Earth when Othomas defeated the being, Othomas is left there for dead by the world. It is up to the player to save Othomas. Plot twists & turns await at the end of one of the most acclaimed Othomases. ₩40.1 billion
7. Othomas Gone With Othomas gone, the player must return to the world and continue on. But although Othomas is gone, trouble is not. As a sinister series of events begin to unfold, time is running out to find what is causing them. ₩43 billion Image
8. Return Of Othomas This game sees Othomas return greater than ever, although something is still wrong. In the most unpredictable of the Othomases, the player must identify who is who before the world falls at the feet of evil. ₩48 billion Image
9. Othomas Skyward With disaster averted, Othomas begins to ascend. But why? And where to? The player must find out if they are to bring Othomas back when the world needs Othomas most. ₩41 billion Image
10. Othomas Hunted Something is pulling governments' strings, but in an effort to find out what Othomas & the player are framed and become hunted everywhere they go. Everything depends on a last ditch attempt to uncover the manipulator before the world pays its price. ₩44 billion Image
11. Othomas Rogue Othomas has gone rogue, and the player must stop Othomas before the damage Othomas does becomes irreversible. But why has Othomas gone rogue? The chilling answer changes everything. ₩42 billion
12. Othomas Triumphant (Yet to be released) Finally vindicated, Othomas can finally achieve its goal. But old enemies begin to resurface, and soon everything is in danger in this next gripping installment. (Yet to be released) Image