Parasitic Sponge
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom ---
Phylum ---
Class ---
Order ---
Family ---
Genus ---
Species ---
General statistics
Mean Height ---
Mean Weight ---
Mean Edibility 0
Mean Danger Quite Dangerous
The Parasitic Sponge is a failed Trashological experiment of Domovoi The Third. It was made when he tried (and failed) to create a sponge that would absorb water and not leak it. Instead he made the mistake of adding too much cyanide and too little putrefied happiness, giving the sponge the ability to duplicate itself after absorbing any liquid. Eventually it became feral and began attacking (fairly) innocent bystanders. So the Parasitic Sponge was born.

The Sponge survives by attaching itself to the spines of it's victims and absorbing all their bodily fluids. Once the victim has been sucked dry and has died, the Sponge will then transform the liquids into more Sponges. After the extra Sponges have been made; the original Sponge will settle down to have a nice and fulfilling life in the dead body of the victim. And it shall sit in its rocking chair and smile, as it's "children" play hopscotch in the victim's chest cavity.