Pen Island is the largest Island in the Grubnoff Archipelago. It is home to the capital of The Fungologian Collective, Pefetoba City. It is the most heavily populated Fungologian Island (Except For Underground Iceland), with a population of 6,000,003.

Pefetoba City Edit

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Pefetoba City is the International Fungologian Capital. It has a population of 5,999,832. The most important building in Pefetoba is the International Fungologian Centre Of Fungologian Sciences (IFCOF).

Local Government Edit

The Pefetoba City Council is the democratically elected ruling body of Pefetoba City. The city's current Mayor is The Left Dishonourable Arden Dimbard.

Demographics Edit

According to the 2014 census, Fungologists make up 24% of Pefetoba's population. A further 37% is made up by bureaucrats, while the rest of the population is made up of Will Not Discloses.

Public Transport Edit

The city's public transport is famed for its volatility, being made up of The Wibbly Wobbly Choo-Choo Taxi and the Georgement Orangeworthy Bus Company Ltd..

Economy Edit

The city's primary industries — transport, assassination and ice-cream manufacturing — all rely on Fungologists, and so most of the city non-Fungologist residents are catered for by a few supermarkets, a handful of dairies and a firearms, explosives and sub-orbital weaponry store. Most of the goods sold in Pefetoba are shipped in via the city's port, primarily on Georgement Orangeworthy Shipping Company Ltd..

Important Residents Edit

Notable residents of Pefetoba city include mayor Arden Dimbard and influential Fungologists Leter Pang, Rhomas Towan, Earnaby Bladder (prior to his disappearance), and Gelix Foddard (who lives there part time). Georgement Orangeworthy also has a summer residence.

Geography Edit

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