Plateau Troon

Uruuvian Troon

The Uruuvian Plateau
Conservation status
Least Concern
Scientific classification
Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Shroomus
Class Fungodenturus
Order Troonei
Family Troons
Genus Troonus
Species T. Uruvi
General statistics
Mean Height 5cm
Mean Weight 300g
Mean Edibility 1/10
Mean Danger 8/10

The Plateau troon or Uruuvian troon is a medium-sized, grey species of Troon found exclusively on the Uruuvian Plateau.

Anatomy Edit

Plateau troons greatly resemble their cousins T. Troonus, and are about 5cm tall, with 3cm of this being stalk. They are a day shade of grey, with small black eyes and only two large teeth. Their gills are soft but serrated and their stalks have a diameter of 1-1.5cm. One notable difference between the two species other than colour is that Plateau troons are mute. Uruuvians claim this is in deference to Uruuvia as a 'holy city'.

Lifestyle Edit

Colonies Edit

Plateau troons live in colonies of between 100,000 - 10,000,000 individuals. The colonies can by found in rock crevasses or caves, although some are also dug out underground.

Diet Edit

Plateau troons diet is primarily composed of the unusual blue goo often found underground on the Uruuvian Plateau. For this reason they are highly poisonous. However, they will also prey on any animal life foolhardy enough to enter their territory, including people. For this reason they are a natural defence and deterrent for the city of Uruuvia.