Rainforest Troon
Conservation status
Least Concern
Scientific classification
Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Shroomus
Class Fungodenturus
Order Troonei
Family Troons
Genus Troonus
Species T. Humidia
General statistics
Mean Height 7cm
Mean Weight 400g
Mean Edibility 5/10
Mean Danger 8/10

The Rainforest Troon, T. Humidia, is a large species of troon found in rainforests across the world.

Colonies Edit

Colonies of Rainforest Troons may have between 200,000 - 700,000 individuals. They are strictly arboreal, and construct huge living spaces out of foliage at canopy level. Rainforest Troon colonies occasionally come crashing down to the forest floor, and from here the Troons spill out on a rampage destroying all life forms in their path until they become distracted by something else.

Diet Edit

Rainforest Troons prey mainly on birdlife, which they attack and devour when it lands in the treetops. For this reason, patches of rainforest that are home to Rainforest Troon colonies are unusually quiet.

Anatomy Edit

Rainforest Troons are about 7cm in height, with 5cm of this being stalk. They are mottled green, with large black eyes and two large teeth. Their gills are soft but serrated and their stalks have a diameter of 2-2.5cm.