Salamanders are the one creatures whose existence is so pointless,no one knows why they actually exist. They are large lizards with the texture of charred wood and the colour of fire. They are born within lit fireplaces. This development takes 30 minutes in which after that time they hatch In a fiery explosion, sending flaming wood every where. Then they ussualy burn to death because most people nowadays have log burners. Those who are born in actual fireplaces quitely escape into the kitchen while the dwellings residents are trying to deal with the sudden explosion of flaming wood.

The salamander will then gorge itself on food and set more things on fire while paitiently waiting for the opposite gender to be born from the fire. This never happens because the dwelling's inhabitants will deal with the fire by putting out the original fire, blowing up the feasting salamander in a blast of fire, setting fire to more things and consequently annoying the dwelling inhabitants.

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