She Shepherd is a Fungologian terrorist organization lead by the infamous [insert name here]. They specialize in attacking and commandeering vessels and crashing them into harbours. They are, for reasons entirely unknown, completely obsessed with dressing women up in wool and making them eat grass.


She Shepherd appeared on the Fungologian world stage on 18th Monthember 2014, after attacking the FS Three Drunken Men as it carried goods across the Pacific. They succeeded in forcing the ship to turn back, but were unable to sink it. The next day they broadcast a message over FungoTV claiming responsibility for the attack. This saw them branded as Skyrimist extremists, and also showed that they were sexist, racist, illiterate and easily manipulatible. They called themselves She Shepard at this time, correcting this only when one attentive Fungologist informed them of the correct spelling.

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