This shroom is endemic to France. They wear berets and black and white striped shirts. They eat breadsticks and snails and frogs. They drink champagne. They make and eat cheese prolifically. They are excellent painters, musicians, sculptors, architects and writers. They were once eaten in large numbers by French Fungologists and their population dropped dramatically from about 1,000,000 in the 1400's to 304 in 1750. They were officialy declared critically endangered and protected in 1800. They are slow breeders and the population is still yet to reach 2000. They are keen cyclists and tennis players. They are distantly related to Monacoshrooms, Belgian Shrooms, Swisshrooms, Andorran Shrooms, cyclist shrooms, the artshroom family, champagne shrooms and Canada Shrooms. Frenchrooms have been introduced to Switzerland and Belgium in an attempt to bolster their numbers. They are capable of speech and reason.

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