Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom Flora
Phylum Ccilia
Class Sarun
Order Diurnae
Family Glintids
Genus Sorka
Species S. Cultivata
General statistics
Mean Height 30cm
Mean Weight 500g
Mean Edibility 1/10
Mean Danger 6/10

Sorkum is a fruit-bearing, carnivorous plant often cultivated for its valuable poison.

Hungry Sorkum

A well-fed Sorkum plant.


Sorkum is a small, stalky plant with round, green fruit often found in clusters of 2-5. It's stalks are yellowy-green, as are the leaves of a hungry specimen, though a recently fed plant's leaves are brown and appear dead.

Predatory TechniqueEdit

Sorkum fruit contains incredibly powerful poison, that kills within seconds of being eaten and causes profuse posthumous bleeding. Victims usually fall to the ground above the Sorkum's roots, and bleed into the ground. Sorkum roots are
Sorkum Fruit

A bundle of Sorkum fruit.

incredibly porous, and suck up all of the aforesaid blood, along with the nutrients it carries. The acquired blood is then carried into the leaves and evaporated, leaving behind only its load of nutrients.