A spirit is a creature composed only of a consciousness that can psychically manipulate ley to create a body for itself. More powerful spirits can manipulate more solid objects to create an actual physical body for themselves. Spirits can be bound into service by spells and rites of binding and a can be made into spirit familiars which are bound to a particular person like a bad tempered corporeal pet forced to do what the person wants against its will. Spirits can absorb ley into their consciousness as opposed to making it into a body, thereby strengthening the spirit.

God StateEdit

God state occurs when a spirit absorbs large amounts of ley, becoming incredibly powerful. The amount of ley required to reach God State varies by spirit. When a spirit reaches God State it becomes much larger, up to 130 metres in height, and much more powerful, capable of spells up to magnitude 12. They will also glow as the ley they are composed of condenses.