These shrooms are found in France, Germany, Italy and their homeland Switzerland. They are excellent with money and run the B.O.F.A.A.O.F. (Bank of Fungology and aspects of Fungology). They are occasionally money-launderers though, and embezzle billions of ₩ each year. They are also experts at squeezing a profit out of anything, and funded both sides of WWI, WWII, The Vietnam War, The Iraqi War, FWI, FWII, FWIII, FWIV, FWV, The War On Terror, The War On The Daves, The War on The G.O.F. and The Cold War. The all carry Swiss-Army-Knives. They are good skiers, snowboarders and mountaineers. They eat fondues, cheeses and chocolates. They are distantly related to Deutschrooms, Frenchrooms, Italyshrooms, chocolateshrooms, The doshrooms family and bankshrooms.

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