Conservation status
Least Concern
Scientific classification
Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Shroomus
Class Fungodenturus
Order Troonei
Family Troons
Genus Troonus
Species T. troonus
General statistics
Mean Height 5cm
Mean Weight 300g
Mean Edibility 1/10
Mean Danger 9/10

Troons (Troonus troonus) are some of the most dangerous shrooms. They live in colonies of up to 100,000,000,000,000 individuals. One Troon can only nip you, but a colony can reduce a whale to a skeleton in a few seconds. Troon colonies maintain a territory of about 1 square kilometre. They will only attack if blood is spilled. Their colonies are sometimes used as defences or booby traps.


Troons are about 5cm tall, with only 3cm of this being stalk. They are a dark blacky/browny colour, with small black eyes and only two large teeth. Their gills are soft but serrated and their stalks have a diameter of 1-1.5cm. They often emit a squeaking sound as a battle cry, though most victims do not have a chance to register this before they are overcome.


Troon colonies maintain an often barren territory of about 1 square kilometre. However, particularly large colonies have been known to control territories of nearly 500 square kilometres! Warning signs and fences are often placed around the edges of a Troon colony's territory. However, many Fungologists ignore these as "Urgatory piffle". Other telltale signs of at room territories are a complete lack of wildlife, a constant babble of high-pitched squeaks, and lots of skeletons and bones littering the ground.


Not much is known about Troons' lives inside the colony, as most Fungologists are eaten before they can relay their observations. Most colonies are situated in hollowed out trees, and as the population increases will expand into the ground. Some colonies expand to take up an entire forest.

Troon-Related DeathsEdit

Because of their habit of not leaving anything behind when they feed on someone, most Troon-related deaths go unnoticed. However, the official count for Troon-related deaths has grown every year since records began, with the total count in 2013 at 984,412.

The Great CountingEdit

In 2004, Fungology sent out 100 of its best and brightest to count the total number of Troons in the world. 99 of these were never seen again. One teleported into the Troon Investigation Headquarters building at midnight a year later. Unfortunately the building's Anti-Intruder Piano System got him before he could say anything other than "THREE-".


Troons are believed to be the ancestor of all other species of Troon. They appear in the fossil record back to 73,000,000 years ago. They are believed to have evolved from the now extinct Sharptooth Shroom.


It is believed that a great plague of Troons swarmed the world 65,000,000 years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs.