A Titanocity is a class of settlement, rather like town, vilage, hamlet & city.

Pronunciation Edit

Main Method Of Pronunciation Edit

Most Fungologists pronounce Titanocity as TIE—TAN—oh—sit-EE.

Other Pronunciations Edit

America Edit

American Fungologists sometimes pronounce Titanocity as TIE—tan-o-sit-EE

Scotland Edit

Scottish Fungologists often Pronounce Titanocity as TEH—ten—OH–sdee.

Word Family Edit

Plural: Titanocities

Possessive: Titanocity's

Collective Noun: Collective

Homonyms: Megacity; Supercity; Supermegahexaderdupertrupertitanogiganormomostergiantificablecity.

Antonyms: Hamlet, Middle Of Nowhere.

Relevant Information Edit

Requirements Edit

The requirements for being a Titanocity are as follows:

  1. Population: The settlement must contain between 1 and 10 billion residents.
  2. Governance: The settlement's government must employ at least 1 million bureaucrats.
  3. Size: The settlement must be at least 100 square kilometres in area.
  4. Economy: The settlement must have an annual GDP of over ₩10,000,000,000.00¢.
  5. Sacrifice: The settlement must sacrifice at least five children a year to a deity of their choice.

List Of Registered Titanocities: Edit

List Of Related Articles: Edit

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