The Twelve Days Of Gifting is a ceremony practiced by almost all cultures around the globe (and indeed outside of this reality). It involves the creation of a song or poem or rhyme containing the following sentences: "On the first day of Christmas my (Insert figure/name) gave to me: a (Insert singular item in a tree)! On the second day of Christmas my (Insert figure/name) gave to me: (Insert double item) and a (Insert singular item used previously)! And so on, and so forth, until the process reaches the twelfth gift, whereupon the creature known only as Bob will break through all dimensional barriers and feast upon the thoughts involved with the poem/rhyme/song.

If the song/poem/rhyme is spoken/sung in Old High Feluxian; then all nearby Droiyn Streams are flooded with Ley becoming Ley Lines and bringing into existence all objects/items/things mentioned above. It is unknown as to how or why is does this as droiyn logic (or lack thereof) dictates that this should only work if it were a command, eg: "by the twelve days of Christmas, grant me these items: (list of items).