Underground Iceland
Nickname(s) UnIc
Motto(s) Causa Pecunia et Potus (For Money and Drink)
Official language English
Spoken languages Icelandic; Inuit; Binary; Chinese; Indian; Sign Language
Demonym Unicelandic
Capital Underground Iceland
Largest city Underground Iceland


-Total 103,001 kilometres squared
 % Water 2.7


-Total c. 14,000,000,000
-Density c. metres squared per person


-Highest point 290 metres below sea level
-Mean 1,012 metres below sea level
-Lowest point 6,988 metres below sea level
Underground Iceland is a titanocity situated directly underneath the island of Iceland. With over 5 billion official residents and an estimated 9 billion unofficial residents, the city is Underground Iceland (UnIc)'s (and the world's) largest city.
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