Unsociable Planet is Fungology's only international travel company, running a portal, airline, travel agency and travel guidebook series.

Ownership Edit

Although the company's ownership details are not public, it is widely believed to be owned mainly by Georgement Orangeworthy.

Services Edit

Airline Edit

Unsociable Planet's airline, UNSOCAIR is the largest Fungologian airline. It flies over ten thousand flights each year including new routes across Iradar and The Black. Passengers may choose between Unsociable Class, First Class, Second Class and Economy Class.

Unsociable Class Edit

There is only one Unsociable Class ticket per flight. The passenger holding this ticket, which is extremely expensive to buy, has one third of the plane to themselves, with a variety of luxury features.

First Class Edit

First Clas is very much like the Business Class of other non-Fungologian airlines.

Second Class Edit

Second class is very much like the Economy Class of other non-Fungologian airlines.

Economy Class Edit

Passengers in Economy Class, the cheapest class, are required to stand on a hard metal floor at the back of the plane with their arms folded behind their backs while being lectured on practical economics by distinguished professors of the field.

Travel Agency Edit

Unsociable Planet's Travel agency, Unsociable Planet Holidays Inc., is a large Fungological travel agency renowned for its "closed-circuit" policy of never booking customers flights on any airline but UNSOCAIR.

Travel Guidebook Edit

Unsociable Planet regularly publishes a series of travel guidebooks on all of its destinations. This series is called the "Unsociable Planet Guides".

Portals Edit

Unsociable Planet runs a large number of portals to various places including Iradar and The Black. Travel through these portals can be arranged at a cost.

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