IPA [ɜ:ʳgətɔ:ri]
Regional variations USA: [ɜ:ʳgeitɔ:ri]
Word Family
Noun Urgatority
Verb to Urgate
Adjective Urgatory
Synonym(s) Sensible, logical
Homonym(s) Purgatory
Antonym(s) Nonsensical, idiotic, Fungologian
Urgatory is a Fungologian adjective. To be Urgatory is to be sensible, follow the rules, be well prepared, plan ahead and do well in life. It is a very deep and hurtful Fungologian insult.

Pronunciation Edit

Main Method Of Pronunciation Edit

Most Fungologists pronounce Urgatory as URR—gut-or-EE.

Other Methods Of Pronunciation Edit

America Edit

Some American Fungologists pronounce Urgatory as URR—gay-tor-EE.

Word Family Edit

Noun: Urgatority

Synonym(s): Sensible, Well-Prepared, Intelligent, Initiative, Collected, Calm, Straightforward

Antonym(s): Airy-Fairy, Moron, Muppet, Pansy, Floater, Hippy, In-the-moment, dead.

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