Urgatory Lemons is a feel-good song by Georgement Orangeworthy & Company, as an advertisement for their product Urgatory Lemons.


Urgatory Lemons are the spice of life,

They'll keep you feeling happy when you are in strife,

Oh, Urgatory Lemons are the way to go,

When it seems your life is full of woe!

Yes, Urgatory Lemons are great for morale,

They will make you feel better when you've been corralled,

Urgatory Lemons are a sight for sore eyes,

Whether it is evening noon or sunrise,

But Urgatory Lemons don't just grow on trees,

And if you want to buy one, you'll have to come to me!


The song was aired in its now famous advert for 16 years between 1967 and 1983. It has since been put in albums such as Ten Classics From FungoTV, Georgement Orangeworthy & Company's memorable moments and Happy Days. It also featured as the winner's choice of song in Fungology Has No Talent!!! 2006. It has never been released as a single.