The Lone City of Uruuvia
Nickname(s) Uruuvia
Motto(s) Alone we stand, never again will we fall.
Official language Uruuvian
Spoken languages Uruuvian
Demonym Uruuvian
Capital Uruuvia
Largest city Uruuvia


-Total 452km squared
-Width 12km
-Length 12km
 % Water 4%


-Total ~3,000,000
-Density 6.67 people per square metre


-Highest point
-Lowest point
Uruuvia is a large and isolated fungologian city. Its inhabitants are secretive and rarely allow outsiders in. When outsiders are let it, they do not come out. Although little is known of Uruuvia, it is known that the city considers itself a reincarnation of the Uruuvia of old, which was destroyed by the Four in the Fungobible.
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