Day One

This is the first day of my life in the Trashmobile. My beloved creation, the Trashmobile, as I stepped into it's gooey, squelchy, stinky mess, I finally felt at home. My plan for the Trashmobile is to travel the world, collecting and utilising other people's trash, to build my Trash-ship. The Trash-Ship will be a spaceship, built out of trash, that will travel to space and eventually land on Jupiter's surface. Once on the surface the Trash-Ship will begin drilling and collecting the certain minerals needed to perform an even bigger task (The details of which cannot be disclosed at this time). My beloved Trashmobile was built by me and me alone, using a full rubbish skip, a car's wheels and engine, five cans of Silly String and one Crazy Straw. And so, I begin my journey.

The now motorised rubbish skip powers up and I drive out of the alleyway and into the light. Many car drivers honked their horns at me while others stared in amazement. I drove the Trashmobile towards the local landfill and begin digging. I set all unneeded refuse on fire and watch the flames burn in amazement and happiness. My beloved home and transport automatically shuffles throught the trash searching for useful items. I takes me all day to find: five hula hoops, three half-eaten cakes and a leftover Machine Gun (No idea why that was there). This is the end of Day One, I will continue my writing later.

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