Wom Wom Shroom
Conservation status
Least Concern
Scientific classification
Kingdom Fungi
Phylum Shroomus
Class ---
Order ---
Family ---
Genus ---
Species ---
General statistics
Mean Height As tall as a rock
Mean Weight As heavy as a rock
Mean Edibility 3/10
Mean Danger 7/10

The Wom Wom Shroom is a shroom that emits a high pitched squeak when it feels threatened, wishes to attract a mate or is bored.



The Wom Wom Shroom are found most commonly in speakers or microphones, the reason for this is because they feed of the electromagnetic field given off by the electromagnetic coil on the speakers or microphones. They store the energy and later use it to produce a very high pitched squeak from the holes in its head.


When the Wom Wom Shroom dies it emits a screech on a large number of frequencies from each of the sound emitters on its body. The sounds range from 1000Hz to 10000Hz on the frequency scale, and are so powerful they often completely rupture the eardrums and cause severe damage to internal organs of any creature in a 4km radius.


The wom wom shroom feeds on the electrical energies emitted by sound producing devices like speakers and microphones. It is rare to come across one. If they can not find these electrical energies it will feed off small animals and plants. It is small it is about the size of a rock.

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