Conservation status
Naturally Scarce
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Rhynchocephalia
Family Wyverns
Genus Wyva
Species W. Wyveris
General statistics
Mean Height ---
Mean Weight ---
Mean Edibility ---
Mean Danger ---

Wyverns are large, brightly coloured reptiles with a poisonous bite and a barb located on the tail. A wing on each arm allows them to fly, and they are believed to be closely related to dragons. They are exceptionally dangerous, although pose little threat due to the fact that they spend the majority of their lives apparently deep in thought. It is quite common to see wyverns in a pose known as "the pondering." This pose involves the wyvern putting one hand on its waist and the other on its chin while standing upright. They can and often do sustain this for centuries.

Life Edit

The Pondering Edit

"The Pondering" is a particular state similar to hibernation that the wyvern is prone to entering. Thorough CT scanning of wyverns in this state has revealed that the state is filled with deep thoughts concerning wyverns seemingly pointless existence.

Most wyerns awake from the state finding they haven't eaten during the previous centuries and promptly die. However, some awake believing that they are not in fact wyverns but the first thing they set their gaze upon. Due to this wyvern ants, wyvern trees and even wyvern humans can and have been found.

Georgie Edit

The oldest living wyvern is known as Georgie the Hamster, so named because the girl who discovered him mistook him for her lost hamster. Georgie currently lives alone, in a pen located in Switzerland, surrounded by food and force fed because he is in the pondering. The pen is surrounded by Fungologists, spectators and wyverns alike, all studying and awaiting Georgie's return to orthodox consciousness.

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